Worldwide placement of engineers for the yachting industry, yacht engineers we aim to provide a specialized service to Engineers working in the Professional Yachting Industry and engineer seeking work within this specialized sector a complete and personal way to find new employment.

For yacht owners and Captains seeking engineers, we are here for you. With the increasing demands of the IMO STCW 95 convention, and especially the British MCA “Large Yacht Code” times are changing. At present all Red Ensign yachts over 24 meters, whether private OR charter will have to employ at least one STCW 95 qualified marine engineer. Our aim is to seek out and recruit engineers suitable for today’s yachts. By concentrating only on he, are able to provide and Yachts alike a unique service in the yachting community.

The owner and more so the captain come into their own from an engineer’s perspective. Especially when he needs spares, etc. It’s important that the captain understands the responsibilities has. It’s no good having an owner who is tight with money and for the most part that is not the case. But there are owners out there who cannot understand why the vessel needs x amount of $’s for spares etc when he has just spent $20 million on buying the vessel in the first place.


What we are saying here is stick to your guns, you are the and you are responsible. You may upset some people, but you will feel better knowing that the services and maintenance have been done, and so will the captain in the long run. Talk to him, do not keep him in the dark. Although any good captain should be asking you what’s happening anyway.

Every enginers has his own way of dealing with problems and recording logs, spares used, maintenance done, etc. There are some very good computer programs out there for this, one, in particular, is called Ideal yacht systems, which I have used successfully.

However, maybe because I am from the old school, everything I do is handwritten in logbooks. You cannot back yourself up if the system crashes or you have not downloaded everything to flash drives. It is also important for them to set aside some time to train designated members of the crew on how to locate and start the main and auxiliary fire pumps and shut remote fuel valves. If this is done for one to two hours every week, over a period of three to four weeks, people will soon get the idea, and they welcome something different from their own tasks.

If you’re looking for a crew, please don’t hesitate to contact us about it.

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